A unified work hub for Organizations.

All your people, information, and knowledge in one place. Integrated with the apps and services you use every day.

Contextual Workflows

Leaders map workflows to automate requests, actions and reminders

Design a workflow to give new members instant access to the right files, data and apps.

Automate your onboarding process for teams, roles and projects by sending the knowledge articles, and messages to get up them up to speed.


Start workflows when a new member is added, someone joins a group, takes on a role, an event is coming up soon, a file changes and much more.

Action Toolkit

Add actions to your flow like sending an message or notification, adding someone to a group, updating a role, following a topic and more.

Decisions, delays & logic

Create multiple flow branches based on member decisions, or wait to carry out an action, or check data to choose how your workflow should go on.

Add apps to automate work

Integrate the other apps you already use today like Slack, Trello, and Mailchimp to add additional app-specific actions for additional power.

Add member to Slack Team on newMember Add New Member to Apps on: newMember Send Apps Overview Email action: sendEmail TO CC MESSAGE Hi *|FIRSTNAME|*, Welcome to *|ORGNAME|* Operations / apps_intro.pdf Send Welcome Email action: sendEmail TO xxx CC xxx MESSAGE xxx Operations / welcome.pdf New Member Head of HR CEO Ask if new member works on external customer projects? decision: approve ASK Head of Ops OPTIONS Yes, No Add to #Projects Channel action: addToChannel CHANNEL Add to Internal Project Mgmt action: addToGroup GROUP Internal Projects YES NO SLACK Add to Projects Trello Team decision: addToTeam TEAM TRELLO Grant access to files action: addFolderPermission FOLDER Internal / Project Management Notify member about access action: sendNotification MEMBER #projects ACME, Inc BOARDS Customer Projects , External PMO New Member

Unified Communication

A new and better way to handle corporate communication

Group conversations

Talk, share, and make decisions in groups and teams across your organization. Links, posts, files, and videos in one private place.

Send Messages

Send messages to groups, teams, topics, contact lists, and any custom audience you select multiple across channels like email and sms.

Auto-updating lists

Create auto-updating email and IM lists that make sure the right people are getting your messages, all of the time.

Teams & roles

Decouple people and the positions they hold with roles, then organize these roles in teams to tie content and messages to the right people.

Organize content with Topics

Tag files, events, groups, posts, videos, and articles with tag them with a topic. Anyone can follow topics to get updates on new content.

File sharing

Drag and drop files, documents, PDFs, images, and videos to share with anyone and get instant feedback through comments and discussions.

Community Collaboration

Work together organized in one place with the right people, data, and tools

Work in groups

People work and share content in groups instead of overflowing email inboxes. Siloed information stuck in email threads flows into shared work feeds.

Knowledge management

Files, posts, videos, and articles can be tagged with relevant shared topics, and pinned to roles, events, and groups to add more context to the content.

Add your other apps

It’s not ‘yet another app’ you have to use. Unaty works with the tools you already use; set them up to sync data, and do actions across your apps and services.

Streamline your work with integrated tools

Sync members and teams to your Trello teams and boards

Connect tools to your Communaty

Check out the Unaty App Directory for existing apps you can add to your Communaty and start automating workflows across your apps. If you'd like to see a particular app added, let us know which integrations we should focus on next!

Or even build your own with the APIs

Configure your Communaty and add integrations to meet the specific needs of your Organization.

The funny thing is, it actually works

More effective meetings

Share documents ahead of time to kickstart discussions, increase transparency, and boost efficency.

Faster onboarding

New team members can instantly see all the files, discussions, and context they need to get up to speed.

Happier employees

A digital workplace helps Organizations thrive on more open, transparent, and accountable communication.

Boost productivity

Avoid time spent switching back and forth between tools and start sharing important ideas with everyone.