A unified work hub for Organizations.

All your people, information, and knowledge in one place. Integrated with the apps and services you use every day.

Work organized in one place

Organize Content and Conversations
Simple Permissions for Files & Folders
Find anything in your Communaty
Integrate Apps and Sync your Data
Send Messages and Announcements

It's an online operating system for Organizations

The Communaty Platform is a set of online IT building blocks that make it easy for leaders to start, run, and scale their Organization. It's a new way to bring the right people, data, and apps together — and help everyone do their best work.

An online IT Foundation

The Communaty Platform becomes a layer between your Organization and all your tools. It will securely sync all your files, content, and data between all the apps you use across your Organization. That means all your vital information is always backed up, it's easier to switch to new software because you can simply import your data to another app, and you can aggregate data from different apps into one place.

Virtual Organization Structure

Add all your Roles, Teams, and People to your Communaty - and use that information across all your apps. Say goodbye to updating permissions across hundreds of apps when onboarding new people, or when people change roles. This helps your Organization more nimble and capable of reacting quickly to changing needs.

Find Anything in your Communaty

Every Communaty comes with unified search - which lets you find any file, person, piece of content, role, team, and much more across your entire Organization from one place. You can also use Topics to tag any kind of content and more easily find it later.

communatyOM Acropolis

Vote for a better way to work.

Introducing Acropolis, the first step towards a new era of cloud-based collaboration.

A new and better way to start, run, and scale Organizations

Add Apps to your Communaty

Auto-add people to Trello teams, send messages to Slack channels, and much more.

Bringing Balance to the Workforce

We believe well-organized groups of people who share a common purpose can change the world.