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Unaty is an all-in-one social workspace for teams and Organizations. Anyone can create a Communaty and customize it to build a unified work hub for all their people.

Create your Communaty

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To create a Communaty, you’ll need to add the name of your team or Organization, then you can already start to customize your workspace by adding your logo and login background photo.

While creating your Communaty, you can choose to add other leaders to help you get everything set up for all your workers.

Members Area

When you log into your Communaty, the first page you’ll see is the feed. This collects all the posts relevant to you from across your Communaty into a personalized feed.

In the sidebar, you’ll see tabs for Members, Topics, Events, Documents, and Teams - more on that later.

All your groups and teams will also appear in the sidebar with updates from those groups.

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Click the search bar at the top from any screen to search through all the content, people, and files in your Communaty.


You can tag any kind of content with a #topic to make it easily discoverable for anyone across your Communaty. Follow topics to get updates about new content and posts added.


Topics can be function-specific like #marketing or #sales, or #news - to help people receive only the information they really want to see.


Easily view, sort, filter, and search your employees, consultants, and more. It’s never been easier to get in touch with the right person for the job.


Whether it’s the yearly picnic, or the quarterly sales call - you can add and find all your teams or Organizations’ events here.


A shared file system for your entire Organization. Create infinte file/folder heirarchies and use the simply powerful permission management to make sure everyone has the right access to the right files, all the time.



Get an overview of your Org structure and all your teams and roles in one place.



Work together in groups to privately share files, collaborate, and get more done together.


Admin Area

Communaty Admins can access the admin area - which features powerful administrative features for segmentation, import, and Organization management.

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Manage members, member types, archives, change the member display name, and much more.


Manage guests, guest types, archives, change the guest display name, and much more.


Everything you need to create the digital infrastructure for your Communaty. Add roles, teams, topics, event locations, and even virtues for your Communaty.


A personalized messaging suite for your Commuanty - send e-mail, sms, push notifications, and more.

See the Engage section in the help center for more information on mail merge, templates, and contact lists.

Grow (beta)

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Manage your Communaty information, logo, billing, admins, and owner.

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