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Plans are the different options of how to acquire access to the Unaty app. See an overview on our Pricing Page.

The Philosophy behind Unaty Plans

Unaty should give each of its users the optimal functions for collaboration, alignment, and automation for their organization. We want to set our prices in such a way that you only have to pay for functions to the extent that you can use them. That’s why we’ve developed several plans that make our users feel very comfortable so far. On this page we would like to briefly introduce you to them. If you can’t find a plan that meets your expectations, please write to us. Together we will surely find a suitable solution.

Unaty wants to support people in the world who are doing good things. That’s why we offer special discount pricing for qualified non-profit organizations and educational institutions. If your application is approved, educational institutions and non-profits can receive the Standard paid plan for free, and receive an 85% discount on the Plus plan.

The FREE plan

If you are not sure which features you want to use and to what extent, we recommend the Unaty FREE plan. Here you can try out all Unaty functions for free and still invite as many members as you want. The Free Plan is perfect for small organizations as it is limited to one administrator. You can also try automating workflow and storing and managing files. We suggest trying out the FREE plan first, testing and experimenting until you get a feeling which function you will need and then continuing with the best-fit plan.

If you would like * to split the task of managing your Communaty as an administrator among several members, * automate more workflows and manage more files with more storage space for all members,

we recommend upgrading to a paid plan.

With paid plans, an important qualitative factor also changes: The Unaty team will accompany you on your journey to the all-in-one social workspace.

The STANDARD plan, therefore, includes priority support to resolve your Unaty issues as quickly as possible. We recommend the STANDARD Plan for teams of up to 25 members or clubs, and clubs.

The PLUS plan turns workflows, messages and storage upside down and you can appoint as many administrators as you want. The Unaty team will also take time for an onboarding phase for you. The PLUS plan is perfect for larger teams of up to 100 members such as smaller companies or departments.

If you want to automate your organization professionally on Unaty or have special requirements, the ENTERPRISE Pan is perfect for you. Medium-sized companies, large teams or departments feel just as comfortable here as teams that want to merge apps or build a digital operating model. A Unaty Success Manager will assist you and accompany you beyond the onboarding phase. For the ENTERPRISE plan, we need to get in touch and talk about exactly how many users your organization will register and onboard. We are excited for you and your Communaty!

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