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Everything your organization needs in one place

Unaty is a complete infrastructure for your organization that helps leaders inspire action with modern tools for administration, communication, and engagement.

Organizational Design

All your members, files, and content together in one place. Unaty works in the background to update members, back up files, and organize content. Reduce 70% of administration

Internal Communications

Unaty offers a complete cross-channel communications infrastructure that lets members personalize their reachabilty based on what they want to receive. Reach 40% more members

Member Engagement

Unaty helps leaders better understand, reach, and activate their members. This means more people coming to events and increased interaction with content. Increase participation by 30%

Enterprise Security

Standard SSL connections, a transparent ISMS, email and sms verifications, and E2E Encryption (coming soon) ensure the safety of your data and protect your community. Full GDPR Compliance

Built for every community

Whether you're leading a sports association, political party, service club, fraternal organization, or any other kind of community, Unaty has you covered.

  • “We’ve been incredibly impressed how Unaty has helped us transform our organization. It replaced so many different tools we were wasting time on like dropbox, slack, excel, and facebook.”
    Lucas S.
    President — Nonprofit
  • “I am basically in love with Unaty. It took us less than 24 hours to get everyone on board. Everyone really likes that they can follow what they’re interested in and decide how they want to be reached.”
    Max U.
    Membership Director — Political Party
  • “Our community has grown from 20 members to over 370 in under a year - Unaty has helped us keep all our members and guests involved, interested, and engaged!
    Christine L.
    Founder — Business Network

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