Standardize, simplify and automate community administration

Build makes administration easy by getting more members working better together, centrally organizing all community information, helping everyone find the answers they need, and automatically update members.


Digital Community Infrastructure

Build gives your digital community a flexible structure which increases transparency, creates higher alignment and makes it easy for more members to get involved.

Whether you're leading a sports association, political party, service club, fraternal organization, or any other kind of community, Unaty has you covered.

Auto-Organized Content

Save and share your conversations, files and events on one platform sorted by topic which helps your team work smarter and find things faster.


Easily find anything you're looking for - like files, groups, events and conversations - to make smarter decisions.

Build helps you spend 70% less time on administration

Unlike other membership platforms, Unaty keeps working even after you turn in. It updates member data, sends reminders, and backs up your files automatically - so you can finally get back to having fun.

  • Automation Flows

    Build includes Semantic Automation Emails, so administrators can send simple email requests to update their profile, create an event, and much more.

  • Roles & Teams

    Build your digital Communaty around teams and roles to increase alignment and better define accountability for everyone in your leadership team.

  • Find anything, anytime

    Messages, documents, and all other content is archived and indexed so you can tap into Communaty knowledge and find information when you need it.

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