Pay for what you need.
Unaty recently launched and is currently offering it's products free for six months, for Communities that decide to try Unaty now. To take advantage of this offer, click here to register for a free Unaty onboarding.
Get Build, Engage, Grow now for Free
We know that every Community and its needs are different, which is why we sell our 3 solutions, Build, Engage, and Grow seperately.
The first Community Platform tailored for Members
Unaty combines the raw power, features, and flexibility of a CMS system
with a fast, intuitive, and fun social network for Members.
Unite your Members, Admins, and Guests and create your private digital network. It should be easy for anyone to join and participate.
Fun & Engaging
Communities are fun, so their online community ought to be as well.
Fixed, flat pricing
Unlike most group software, your costs won't go up just for growing your Community. Learn more about Pricing.
Fast & Fresh
Communaty was built with constant input from Admins and Members, we take great care to craft an experience people want to be part of.
Simply Secure
We write Security and Privacy big at Unaty. All Data flows through an encrypted tunnel, which means your Community is safe here.
Open & Transparent
With all your Members, Knowledge, and Files in one place, quickly find the answers you need.
Unaty is made for growing Communities.
Are you ready to become a vibrant Communaty? Jetzt Loslegen.