Data Security
Unaty's Security and Privacy Framework
Unaty Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Since its founding, Unaty has been building a sophisticated Information Security Management System that mirrors any process involving user data. But claiming you are doing your best is not enough: We are aiming for certifying our ISMS by the DQS (German Association for Quality Assessment). The ISO 27001 Certificate ensures international standards on IT-Security and the very strict German data privacy law.For more information see
Unaty Secure Connection & Keylock
Any Connection between your PC (or other terminals) is completely SSL encrypted. This means that this vulnerable link is constantly guarded against intruders. To protect your account, Unaty passwords are bound to a minimum entropy instead of arbitrary password character rules. Within the coming months, Unaty will introduce two new security features to take the safety of your information to the next level. First a two-factor authentication structure that allows administrators to require members to confirm their claimed identity, by utilizing a combination of two different components. Along with this two factor system comes the Unaty Keylock. Rolling out in Fall 2017, the Unaty Keylock will provide an overall end-to-end encryption on any content managed on Unaty to ensure maximum privacy. This E2E encryption defends your data not only from any Hacker or Intelligence Agency but even us at here at Unaty. You will be the one and only owner of your data.
Unaty Privacy Pledge
Unaty offers several advanced ways to protect your data technically. But despite any security, Unaty’s team will at times work closely on functionality that may be linked to your data. This is why we introduced the Unaty Privacy Pledge: Any team member at our company has to follow this strict code of conduct, that strictly forbids any funny usage of your data. Your trust is our greatest asset and any employee of Unaty is committed to respect that to the thoroughly.
Unaty has identified three types of data that we may come in contact with when working together. If you choose to use Unaty we deal with these types of data:
Personal Data
Personal data is information that can be assigned distinctly to an individual user. This information is essential to some of Unatys functionality. When connected to the Unaty platform, your encrypted data always travels over a secure connection. To improve the user experience on our platform, we constantly monitor how it is used anonymously. We manage our invoices with PayPal, a service that we need to provide with payment information. In Addition, we use Google’s services to draw more attention to our home page. The detailed usage of personal data is documented in our data privacy statement.
Organizational Content
We at Unaty consider organizational content to be all the information you provide and manage within your organization on our platform. Unaty does not use any of this data. We cannot even access the content you load onto our Platform. For more on how we plan to achieve this goal, see our Privacy Pledge and Keylock.
As mentioned earlier, we observe our users’ behavior anonymously to improve your experience with Unaty. We collect so called Metadata, meaning data about data, for this purpose. For Example, when users get stuck while using one of our functions, we can observe how to fix this problem in the best way. Metadata is always collected anonymously, there is no way to connect it to individual users.
We hope that we demonstrated to you, how seriously Unaty takes data privacy and security. For any further questions do not hesitate to contact our data security manager Fabian Ahrens: