Tobias Wirtz

Co-founder & CTO

Tobias Wirtz is the CTO and co-founder of Unaty. He’s been fascinated by the power of computing since he was 13 when he wrote his first Java programs.

At Unaty, Tobias is responsible for the development process and the product itself. With the help of design thinking and agile methodology, he is aiming to continuously focus Unaty’s development output on users’ needs. At Unaty, we are trying to supercharge the feedback lifecycle in an organization - the only way to do that is leading by example: If you have any concerns about or wishes for the product, Tobias would love to hear about them

Prior to college, Tobias spent four years in San Francisco where he made himself familiar with American culture and the can-do attitude that is necessary for businesses to succeed. He completed internships at software and consulting companies where he learned to break down big problems into smaller ones until he can provide a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts.

At the moment, Tobias is finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in Management and Computer Science and is looking forward to spending all of his time on making organizations work better.

In his pastime, he likes to read about foreign policy, artificial intelligence and economics.

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