Ramin Rente

Co-founder & CMO

Ramin Rente is the CMO and co-founder of Unaty. Ramin is currently studying Psychology and has worked for a number of fashion companies over the last years - his aim is to establish a strong foundation of Marketing Psychology.

In 2017, Ramin helped found Unaty, a new category of software that’s changing the way leaders start, run, and scale their Organizations. By building an agile digital backbone and bringing people the data they provide, and apps together in one online social work hub, Unaty aims to make Organizations more nimble and ready to meet the challenges of the fast-moving business and social environment.

Since his childhood, Ramin has always been involved in different kind of sports clubs - namely, Tennis and Hockey. Knowing what challenges these Organizations currently face was one of the main reasons, why he decided to join Sean, Tobi, and Fabian on the way of founding Unaty.

After completing his high school degree, he decided to move to Munich where he met his close friends and future co-founders.

His interests for marketing and the psychology behind it grew during an internship at the German fashion start-up Paul Hewitt.

In addition to his interests for sports, especially Tennis, he enjoys mixing some hot groovy tunes.

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