Our mission is to increase engagement at organizations

We believe well-organized groups of people who share a common purpose can change the world. Software was supposed to reduce complexity in organizations and help people save time and get more done — it hasn't.

Everything we do, we do to enable people to focus on what they do best and help leaders engage their workers — because it drives organizations forward.

Unaty aims to provide an exceptionally versatile and powerful platform for our customers to run their Organizations.

The potential of engaged people

Despite the rapid growth of software to help workers and leaders be more effective, only about 16% of the workforce is truly engaged and productive.

Scattered apps and services, the complexity of IT systems, and a shortage of modern management practices are constraining the impact of people at organizations.

Making IT simple for all organizations and enabling people to focus on what they're best at while helping leaders start, run, and scale organizations will engage workers like never before and expedite economic growth.

Chart Source: ADP Research Institute, 2019

The new organization IT stack

Unaty combines an organization platform with applications that help leaders engage their people and workers the tools to do their best work.


Sitting atop the core platform are built-in applications to design your digital organization structure, engage people, grow online awareness, discover other organizations, and connect multiple organizations in a virtual umbrella organization.

Apps will live in the Communaty App Store. We'll work with partners to create Premium Apps like SupportHub that are made for specific industries. Anyone can also publish and sell their own app in the store.

Organization Platform

At the core of Unaty's IT infrastructure for organizations is the Communaty Platform, an internal social work hub with customizable building blocks for organizing your people and processes.


Our cloud-based infrastructure provides reliability, scalability, and enterprise-grade security for organization data and applications.

We reduce complexity to make collaboration easier for our customers

When IT 'just works', Support Teams focus on solving tickets, Sales Teams focus on closing deals, and Developers can get back to coding.

Centralized Permissions Structure

Organizations can construct their entire management heirarchy with Teams and Roles on Unaty, and use those within Unaty and all connected apps to give and update permissions from one place.

Contextual Content Management

With the Communaty Platform, all your people, data, tools, and files are in one place for everyone to find. Content is organized for you automatically based on where, who, and why it's added.

Adaptable Communication Channels

The Communaty Platform has personalized messaging tools built in to groups, topics, events, teams, and posts - it's never been easier to reach the right people, all of the time.

Benefits of an Engaged Workforce

Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share

Engagement reduces turnover, increases productivity, raises customer satisfaction, and improves margins

Leaders can better align their people and take action towards shared goals

Workers are more autonomous and efficent which also frees up time for leaders

Solutions rooted in modern organization design and cutting-edge technology

Everything we build at Unaty or add to the Communaty Platform is the result of talking to hundreds of forward-thinking leaders and research into designing organizations that will thrive in the 21st Century.

Fabian Ahrens

Head of Research

Fabian wrote his Masters Thesis at the Technical University in Munich about transferring management innovations from the private to public sector associations working under the renowned organizational scientist Prof. Dr. Isabell M. Welpe.

Best-practices built right in

Fabian's research is the foundation of all the solutions we build at Unaty and ensures what we build, helps organizations find success in the 21st Century. His research combines practice and theory, and analyzes what already works for organizations today - and how that can be applied to businesses, associations, and non-profits around the world.

The future of organization

We're constantly innovating the organization model to help everyone reach their potential. We believe helping organizations work better together will unlock the hidden potential of people and accelerate human progress. We focus on the details of IT like administration, communication, coordination, and collaboration so you can focus on what you do best.

Our goal is to make IT infrastructure an afterthought so more people can follow their passions, and groups can pursue their purpose and reach their potential.

Unaty is headquartered in Munich,
with an office opening soon in Chicago.

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