Help us make IT work for Organizations

We believe the potential of millions of people and billions of dollars each year is lost in productivity due to the complexity of running and scaling Organizations like businesses, associations, and non-profits. We're building online IT infrastructure that helps remove complexity for leaders and workers so they can focus on what they do best.

We believe online Organization IT is lacking an infrastructure between the apps/services their people use, the data and content that's created, and the Orgaanization itself. The online 'operating system for Organizations' we're building will revolutionize the way Leaders start, run, and scale their Organizations.

The technology we develop helps leaders and workers in non-profits focus the world a better place. It helps software companies focus on developing better products - and not creating complex workflows to enable remote collaboration. Unaty's platform helps associations focus on community-building, not updating member data across all their systems.

Removing Barriers to Progress

We believe well-organized groups of people who share a common purpose can change the world. Software was supposed to reduce complexity in organizations and help people save time and get more done — it hasn't.

Everything we do, we do to enable people to focus on what they do best and help leaders engage their workers — because it drives organizations forward.

Help us make IT work for Organizations.

A Local Company with Global Mindset

We're still at the beginning of our journey to build the best online IT infrastructure for Organizations and bring balance to the workforce.

We have a long road ahead and although we're starting by making an impact at the local level, we've got global ambitions to empower leaders and workers in Organizations of every kind and every size.


Unaty was founded in 2017 in Munich, Germany and since then we've grown and worked with businesses, associations, and non-profits around the globe. Our team is still small and remote, but we're looking to open an office soon in the US and ramp up sales and development of the Communaty Platform.

We're working hard to make the Communaty Platform more stable, powerful, and versatile - and to expand the functionality available on mobile devices from the Unaty App.


As Unaty expands into the US market, we need to level-up our Company in terms of the way we hire, prospect for customers, close deals, and conduct operations. We're looking to solidify our stance and prepare to expand to countries around the globe in the coming years.


We need to professionalize and standardize many processes around the company in Development, Sales, and Operations. We're especially focused right now on implementing Enterprise-grade security as a standard for every Communaty with E2E encryption that protects your data at all points and creating an efficent Organization security apparatus people can use to stay safe on the apps they use too.

We hire for slope, not y-intercept.

We value honest intellectual curiosity above all when it comes to hiring. The right people know they're not always right.

We're looking forward to meeting people who are interested in helping us build the future of Organization and revolutionizing the way leaders start, run, and scale their businesses, associations, and non-profits.

Team Member Benefits

4wk PTO (2wk minimum)

Fully paid health plan

3 month new parent leave

$100/mo fitness

$500/year education

Coffee stipend

We want to talk to you!

We will hire hundreds of people who visit this page and read these works - without it, we won't be able to succeed if we don't.

If you have any questions about opportunities or would just like to chat to explore options - check out the open roles below. Don't worry about picking the right role, we can always explore other options after starting the conversation.