A quick guide to Unaty’s culture

We believe the alignment of the values of people and an Organization are of critical importance to the success of Unaty and its' people.

Companies try to motivate their people with incentives and unique perks like ping-pong rooms and free meals, but none of those approaches address the deeper issue of why employees are so disengaged.

We believe the answer is culture—the formal and informal values, behaviors, and beliefs practiced in an organization. Very few companies intentionally work on their culture—in fact, many companies just let culture happen.

We strive to define our culture and what we believe in - so we can find others that believe what we believe. This is an honest attempt to describe our beliefs an culture today - we hope you find it useful in deciding if Unaty is a place where you'd like to spend your time.


We spend every day at Unaty strengthening the social fabric of organizations.

Customer Focus

We obsess over user satisfaction, craft pleasant customer experiences, and always act as Unaty ambassadors.


We are proactive when problem solving, always argue in good faith, challenge colleagues to grow, act with integrity, and celebrate shared success.


We are good citizens at our company and in our community, everyone should strive to act with courage, conviction, and empathy.

Last Words

Unaty builds online IT infrastructure for all kinds of Organizations around the world. We believe we can make businesses, associations, and non-profits around the world more nimble, effective, and engaged.

Our vision is to radically increase the engagement of people in every Organization. Only 13% of the workforce is actively engaged today, and we believe driving up engagement will help build a better future for everyone. We need more Uniters to help us get there. We hope you’ll be one of them.


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